My favorite tournaments are Wimbledon because of the tradition, the Australian Open because of how well we (the players) are treated, and Cincinnati because it’s close to home.
I admired Pete Sampras and Boris Becker growing up, so playing doubles with either would be a treat.
My two proudest moments on court were being a part of the NCAA Championship men’s tennis team at (the University of) Illinois and winning my first ATP singles title in Newport.
My pre-match routine is pretty simple. I usually warm up about two hours before I play, have a meal and try to get clear-minded and focused on my match that day.
Since we travel so much as tennis players, I like to come back home and hang out with friends and family when I’m not on tour. Being home is like a vacation for me.
This actually did happen. My first downloads would be my Dave Matthews Band collection, as well as my Indian music.
Well, in general my favorite food is Indian food, so we can start there. To be honest, though, something that I miss while traveling is food cooked at home. I’m not such a picky eater, so just about anything home-cooked will do.
Something people don’t know is that I’m currently working toward getting my college degree through online classes. I left school early to turn pro, but having a degree has always been a goal of mine.
Pro tennis is a job. There are certain parts that are great and glamorous, but the vast majority is hard work. Make sure you love the game first and not just the idea of what the lifestyle might be like. I think my passion for the sport itself has been the reason I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time on tour so far.

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